Wyoming strides

WYmural“Influencing the future of Wyoming wellness” is the mission of the new Prevention Management Organization (PMO) of Wyoming, established in early 2012. PMO works to foster community health and wellness that is sustainable. This includes prevention of suicide, alcohol and other drug abuse, tobacco cessation and mental health promotion—all public health priorities.

As Wyoming State Suicide Prevention Coordinator, I urge you to recognize we each have a role to play in curbing deliberate self-inflicted deaths in our state.

Each of us recognizes a sign of a heart attack as tightening in the chest; for diabetes, it may be excessive thirst. So too, all of us must learn to recognize warning signs for suicide in those around us. These include agitation, social withdrawal, insomnia, hopelessness, statements about plans or preparations, and extreme mood swings. To learn more, attend a suicide prevention training in your community.

As Wyomingites, we each have a call to action to help our fellow citizens at risk for suicide. Whether we’re a teacher or social worker, physician or police officer, our respective roles are outlined in the November 2012 Report on Suicide in Wyoming from the Wyoming Department of Health.

And know that by joining forces and working together for the better of all Wyoming residents, we can make a difference in saving lives.

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