Violent end for cultural icon

hunter-s-thompsonAmerican “gonzo journalist” Hunter S. Thompson exemplified a male psyche of independence, strength and resistance to seeking help.

Thompson, who died by suicide at age 67, had struggled with health problems in the years prior to his death including a broken leg and hip replacement. He shot himself at his Colorado ranch on Feb. 20, 2004.

A skilled and cynical writer, Thompson’s suicide note, published in Rolling Stone magazine, sheds light on his self-inflicted death:

“No More Games.

No More Bombs.

No More Walking.

No More Fun.

No More Swimming.

67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted.


I am always bitchy.

No Fun—for anybody. 67.

You are getting Greedy.

Act your old age.

Relax—This won’t hurt.”

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