Looking for help regarding Empathos online training?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our training, “Managing Suicide Risk Collaboratively: The CAMS Framework.”


1.A. What are the system requirements for Empathos online training?

1.B. Do I need an Internet connection to view a course?

1.C. Can I use a mobile device such as tablet or smartphone?

1.D. Why do you need my email address to deliver training?

1.E. What should my computer’s screen resolution be set at?



2.A. How do I obtain a license to access a course?

2.B. What are the terms of the license?

2.C. I’m not receiving emails from Empathos Training to guide my efforts. What should to do?



3.A. Getting to know our player

3.B. Leave now, come back later

3.C. No fast passes



4.A. Tracking your progress

4.B. Completion bar not working

4.C. Taking the Final Assessment

4.D. Didn’t pass the Final Assessment: Now what?

4.E. Want to review portions of the training even after you’ve completed it?

4F. Locating and downloading your Certificate of Completion


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