Where to begin

1. We start with a strategic NEEDS ASSESSMENT, where we work closely with you to identify goals for your training program, and requirements regarding content, technology, users, integration, customization, administration, support, timing, delivery and budget.

2. We then leverage the Needs Assessment into a strategic TRAINING PLAN, which considers the full scope of training required—across all target audiences, encompassing all target populations, and delivered via appropriate and preferred modes. It also includes communication (change management and marketing of courses to intended audiences), third-party independent evaluation, and financial analysis with anticipated return on investment.

Once a comprehensive strategic Training Plan is in place, it can be implemented in phases to best meet organizational and participant needs. This IMPLEMENTATION phase begins with confirmation of course goals and required performance outcomes, and pre-evaluation of attendees to determine baseline knowledge. We then proceed to course development, beta testing, evaluation, promotion and launch. Following is the EVALUATION phase to determine whether goals and performance outcomes have been met.