Managing Suicide Risk Collaboratively: The CAMS Framework

Eliciting the Patient’s Suicidal Narrative

This unit focuses on the second session of CAMS care. It’s a week later, since the first CAMS session, and Kevin has not improved much, despite a treatment plan and stabilization plan he co-authored with you and Dr. Jobes, and signed off on at the end of his first session. Now your task is to find out why Kevin isn’t improving, and to do so, Dr. Jobes will show you how to elicit from Kevin his “suicidal narrative” or story of suicidality—when it began and why it continues. Together, you’ll work with Kevin to identify the two problems that make him want to kill himself most—his suicidal drivers. And you’ll gain a better understanding of these drivers so you and Dr. Jobes can help Kevin resolve them. DR. JOBES ON DRIVERS


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