Managing Suicide Risk Collaboratively: The CAMS Framework


Can you give me the basics about this course?

WHAT: CAMS, the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality, an evidence-based suicide-specific clinical intervention that has been shown through extensive research to effectively assess, treat and manage suicidal patients in a wide range of clinical settings. With more than 35 related publications, CAMS is one of the most extensively studied suicide-specific interventions in the field of suicidology, supported by more than 25 years of “real-world” clinical research in a spectrum of clinical settings. Read the evidence base for CAMS.

LENGTH: 6-hour online training is comprised of units that you can take one at a time, or all at once—your preference.

WITH: David A. Jobes, Ph.D., ABPP, developer of CAMS, also with special guest Stephen O’Connor, Ph.D., playing the role of the suicidal patient.

ACCESS: Asynchronous and self-paced, so you can take the training anytime 24-7-365, and anywhere with Internet access.

SCALABLE SOLUTION: Highly scalable and accessible training solution for providers and systems to comply with evolving mandates for training and education in suicide risk assessment and care to fundamentally enhance clinical skills in saving lives while meeting requirements for licensure-related continuing education.

WHO: For clinical providers, mental health systems, larger health care systems, forensic settings, state-based programs, and tribes to improve their suicide-related clinical practices, to better meet workplace training and compliance needs while improving outcomes for patients at risk for suicide.

FEATURES: Highly instructive high-definition videos of Dr. Jobes in CAMS clinical sessions with a suicidal patient—including CAMS Initial Session, CAMS Interim Sessions, and CAMS Resolution Session; also Dr. Jobes instructing the learner directly via videos in which he discusses key points and teachable moments illustrated in clinical videos. Interactivity and quizzes, callouts for expert insights, downloadable handouts and resources, key ideas, exploring further, and much more.

LEARNER INTERFACE: User-friendly, friction-free and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, tracks learner progress in the training, tests knowledge gain before learner can proceed, and finishes with a post-assessment and learner survey of the training.

MORE: Contact Empathos at 920-457-4033 or info@empathosresources.com to learn more on how to bring this interactive online training to your state, system, or practice setting.