Malyssa Gabrielson

Communications Support SpecialistMalyssaGabrielson

In 2 words: Convivial calling

At Empathos: Problem solver and barrier buster

Career: A decade of customer service and communications

Education: School of Life

Sideline: Bakes unhealthy treats for her roommates

Learned the hard way: Don’t wear white when changing toner cartridges on temperamental office copiers

A little more about me

This self-proclaimed “quirky” extrovert traces her idiosyncratic nature, at least in part, to being born on April Fools’ Day.

Malyssa admits she’s not ashamed to comingle karaoke with a trip to the grocery store, and confesses she can be found squeezing avocados while singing Abba, albeit unobtrusively.

Malyssa considers it a privilege and passion to set the tone for someone’s day by the affable way she assists Empathos staff and visitors. She focuses on the solution, not the problem, and will “triage” challenges at hand, assigning degrees of urgency so as to reach effective solutions quickly.

An award-winning public speaker and debater while in secondary school, Malyssa instills her love of language in teens as a high-school speech and debate coach. For more than a decade, she’s shared with them skills of public speaking and the use of reasoned discourse in public life.

Malyssa grew up in a home where her opinion mattered, even as a kid. Her favorite adage? (to quote Conan O’Brien) “If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”